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Challenges is a popular four-level course for teenagers which gives them everything they need to be successful language learners. It builds their confidence with lessons that allow them to learn about the world through English. Each level is hosted by a group of teenagers that provide positive role models as they achieve something worthwhile as a group.

Packed with achievable tasks that help students build their confidence and ability in all four skills, Challenges supports teachers and students in their quest for meaningful and enjoyable lessons.

• Topic-based approach that enables students to learn about the world through English and to learn the language at the same time

• Each level is hosted by a group of teenagers that provide positive role models as they overcome their limitations to achieve something worthwhile as a group

• A unique teaching package that includes over 50 teacher development workshops covering topics such as CLIL, crisis management, discipline, citizenship and dyslexia


Your students will…

  • get a clear sense of progress through materials that can be completed in one year

  • get really involved in their learning with the wealth of information and interesting topics

  • get a deeper understanding of language through the unique activities on word building and sentence patterns

  • regardless of their activity, be motivated and kept on track thanks to the interesting activities in the magazine section

  • always have vocabulary support on hand with the Picture Dictionary in levels 1 and 2

  • take control of their learning through tips and strategies throughout the course


Teacher Support

  • Promote positive values in your students with the carefully crafted characters in the Students’ Book

  • Keep your lessons inspiring and on track with the all-purpose Teacher’s Handbook

  • Be confident in your teaching with the support of the Total Teacher’s Pack

  • Have total control of classroom assessment with the Test Master CD-ROM including placement tests

  • Find even more resources for you and your students at