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ePanel is a breakthrough app for teachers.


The app lets you easily review new releases from Pearson and gives you access to digitized units.


With ePanel, a laptop is a one-stop tool for all the classroom resources you need: student books, workbooks, teacher’s books and audio resources.


ePanel is:

  • all you need to teach a class at a click (no Wi-Fi connection required)
  • instant access to units and resources
  • anytime, anywhere: no need to wait for the postman
  • a lighter load: stop carrying a pile of paper books
  • a chance to review new releases and bestsellers from Pearson



Try ePanel:

Step 1: Order access to the courses you need through this ONLINE FORM

Step 2: Download the application CLICK HERE

Step 3: You will be able to access the resources selected as soon as Pearson Representative approves your request.


If you have any technical problems with starting or running the app, please contact our dedicated ePanel IT helpdesk.